Renewable Energy Systems

Posted on: 04/05/2017 by: Monwea In: World

At the 8th National Renewable Energy Forum, being held inUlaanbaatar, Mongolia on May 5, 2017, Renewable NRG Systems(RNRG) will highlight a number of innovative technologies designed to help Wind and Solar developers/operators collect accurate data, worry-free. This allows our customers to realize their output potential and ensure that all projects are meeting their capacity more of the time.


During the show, you can meet with me to discuss advancements made in Wind and Solar Resource Assessment and the most appropriate solution from RNRG for your project.


You can contact me by email to schedule a or WhatsApp message on +91-99450-58233


Highlights include:


RNRG’s Wind Measurement Systems


RNRG is the only company that designs, manufactures, and supports fully integrated wind resource assessment solutions. Our NOW Systems include everything necessary for your measurement campaign—tower, logger, and sensors—pre-configured and ready to ship within days of order placement. Our complete package approach ensures that the entire system arrives together, at one time—simplifying installation schedules and saving you time and money. By selecting a NOW System instead of purchasing individual components, you will enjoy significant cost savings. Read More >>>



RNRG’s Solar Measurement Systems are Ideal for All Stages of Utility-Scale PV Projects


Modeled after our NOW Systems, RNRG’s SRA Systemdelivers the data accuracy, efficiency, and ease of installation that our customers expect. Each SRA includes a tower, data logger, and sensors, and can be used throughout the lifecycle of a PV project, from development through operation. The solution captures all relevant meteorological conditions, including solar radiation, wind speed and direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, soiling conditions, and precipitation. Read More >>>



Meet SymphoniePRO: A Data Logger with Purpose


As the newest data logger in the Symphonie series,SymphoniePRO brings significant upgrades in terms of capability and flexibility. The logger is compatible with iPackACCESS, our SCADA communications module. An exciting update also includes a new, exceptionally affordable satellite communications platform Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M Satellite Terminal. SymphoniePRO users can now enjoy the certainty of satellite communications at an economical price. SymphoniePRO is ideal for both wind and solar resource assessment. Read More >>>